Cycling is so convenient in crowded cities and so sanative at beautiful Scenic, it has been a perfect choice of transportation to more and more people. However, as bicycles are easily portable, it also brings a headache to cyclist: how to protect it from theft when the owner is always.

There have been quite many locks with strong and thick metal bars to fight against cheap theft tools, yet they didn’t solve the problem if thieves moved the bike away to break lock.

Now this smart bicycle lock come with alarm will stop theft at first step.

It will not give them choice to silently break the lock open, or take the bike away. Any stranger attempting to touch the lock will trigger loud noise alarming, let alone vibration, cutting or dissembling the lock.


As this lock is controlled by Smart phone App, after you set the Bluetooth code, it will automatically unlock when you come back near, and will lock when you leave. However, only this code opens the lock, no any key else.


To see the setting and performance of this lock, you can watch this video to have an idea.

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