If your bike handle bar is still shouldered with a groups of heavy equipment, then you are out of fashion! See how other cyclists are using :

all in one

Well, all these functions can be integrated into 1 device only! All in one, leaving a simple handle bar and cool enjoyment!

That is the gadget, almighty, one enough!

device unit and look on bike

That you can easily clip and hold various smart phones at 3.5~6″ sizes, and mounts on the handle bar firmly.

mounting nice

Never worry to work outdoor, it’s IP54 waterproof, you can cycle in rain.

rainy cycling

Press “On” to start its complete functions:

onoff button

USB slot to come from 4400mAH power bank charging your phone during cycling; while another slot extends to the bell, making strong alarm on road.

noise slot

At night, it turns to be a strong torch with double light source,  reaching as far as 1 km.

flashlight function

First press for long lighting, again for flashing, and third to turn it off.

light button

And now comes the most thrilling functions:

Turn on your Smartphone Bluetooth, and pair it with the Smart Gadget:

Press the hands-free button, you can make phone-call during cycling with hands free.

bluetooth handsfree

Furthermore, you can play terrific music with the quality magnetic fluid horn, either via Smartphone or via TF card.


Cool enough ?  More details please click the corresponding specification page of Ledgreat Sports