Ledgreat Sports is the sports product section of Ledgreat Industry Co., LTD.

Ledgreat Sports started cooperation with capable designing and assembling partners since 2018, to develop up-to-date electric mobilities, especially electric scooters.

At the moment, we have full series of E scooters from 6.5 inch to 10 inch, all adopting reliable components, branded controller and battery package solution. We have also prepared solution with Sharing App to meet the demand of sharing projects.

For high-end model, we are unique and unparalleled in the market at look, and with carbon fiber and magnesium material support. For medium and entry level, our price/performance is outstanding in the market.

We cherish the feedback from market, and  insure the product performance and quality reliable and satisfactory .  With the unparalleled design and ultimate enjoyment of these products, we are confident to bring you  different achievements.